Cult of Kafka: Kafka Levels

Cult of Kafka: Kafka Levels

As part of Danke Fürs Lesen, we are all signed up for the Cult of Kafka. It's very simple: The cult worships Kafka the all-knowing scanlator. One part of the Cult of Kafka I would like to discuss with you today is the Kafka Level system, which is totally not something me (Remocracy) and RR came up with an hour ago on a whim. The system is really simple:

Here is a table showing the Kafka levels of selected members in Danke Fürs Lesen:

Member Level
loafka Bronze
Remocracy Silver
RR Gold

If you were a part of Danke Fürs Lesen, what would your Kafka level be? Leave a comment in the thread in the discord server with your opinion.

Edit: Yes I'm aware of the broken table. I did bonk the site admin but he's currently asleep.