Colorless Girl manga
Author Shirono Honami
Artist Shirono Honami
Views 9549
Last Updated Ch. 1 - 2021-12-29
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Colorless Girl

Colorless Girl manga

カラーレスガール Karaaresu Gaaru

Aoi, the main character of our story, has just enrolled at the art college of her dreams. She always looks cute, is pure perfect, and is loved by everyone around her. But Aoi, nicknamed “The Girl” by her friends, hold onto a secret she doesn’t want anyone to know. Underneath her makeup and clothing, she hides the secret that she is actually a cross-dressing man. Afraid of what others may think him. Aoi finds himself staring into the mirror confessing his true feelings, “I'm not okay.”. This manga is for people who suffer from issues with self-confidence. Follow a heart-touching story and watch Aoi overcome his struggles with his sexuality, the looks of disapproval of those around him, and his relationships with his family and friends.
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1 - Colorless Girl Part One 9548 Danke fürs Lesen [2021, 11, 29, 18, 19, 36] MD