The Choice is His & Hers manga
Author Ohara Hiroki
Artist Ohara Hiroki
Views 200
Last Updated Ch. 15 - 2023-08-09
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The Choice is His & Hers

The Choice is His & Hers manga

Kare to Kanojo no Sentaku Её и его выбор カレとカノジョの選択 他和她的選擇 그와 그녀의 선택

A new relationship begins after a seven year reunion!

After being separated for seven years between Hokkaido and Tokyo, a young man waits at the airport to reunite with his best friend. However, what arrives instead is a message from his best friend saying he will be late, and a mysterious beauty! The ever-spirited mangaka, Hiroki Ohara, makes his debut on Comic Newtype!

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15 199 Danke fürs Lesen & Sappho Scans [2023, 7, 9, 23, 18, 15] MD