My Sister's Friend manga
Author Battan
Artist Battan
Views 4670
Last Updated Ch. 3 - 2021-10-26
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My Sister's Friend

My Sister's Friend manga

Ane no Yuujin L'amie de ma soeur 姉の友人 姐姐的朋友

At the age of 14, her first lover was her sister's former best friend, Kyoko. It was a time where Noriko would meet Kyoko after school and be thrilled by the smell of her adult perfume and enchanting eyes, nothing like spending time with her boring classmates. But why did Kyoko and her sister stop being friends in the first place? This is the story of three women and their discovery of what true "love" entails.

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Title     Views Group Last Updated
3 - The One I Love 1228 Danke fürs Lesen & Cyan Steam [2021, 9, 26, 4, 18, 51] MD
2 - My Sister's Friend 1061 Danke fürs Lesen & Cyan Steam [2021, 6, 5, 17, 58, 59] MD
1 - My Friend 2380 Danke fürs Lesen & Cyan Steam [2021, 1, 7, 17, 31, 49] MD