The Return of the Four Great Heroes manga
Author Yuuki Karaku
Artist Kageyama Shuu
Views 18007
Last Updated Ch. 0 - 2021-08-29
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The Return of the Four Great Heroes

The Return of the Four Great Heroes manga

Yondai Eiyuu no Kiro 四大英雄の帰路

The Demon Lord was defeated by the four heroes. Peace has come to the world, and people have now been freed from anxiety and fear. The princess, who had been kidnapped, was on her way home with those who had saved the world. It's the happiest day of her life...

Or that's what it was supposed to be...

The princess witnessed something unexpected on her way back with the heroes....
What would her destiny and what will she choose to do?

This is the story of a kidnapped princess that began with the defeat of the Demon Lord.

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