Fudanshi Bartender no Tashinami manga
Author naruko
Artist naruko
Views 572
Last Updated Ch. 1 - 2023-04-04
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Fudanshi Bartender no Tashinami

Fudanshi Bartender no Tashinami manga

Accomplishment of Fudanshi Bartender 腐男子バーテンダーの嗜み

The cool and inscrutable bartender Hibiki Souichiro maintains a carefully-crafted air of sophisticated mystery in front of his customers — some of whom he secretly pairs up in imaginary BL scenarios! In this super-nerdy gag series, the inner monologues of secret fudanshi Hibiki Souichiro are sure to entertain fujoshi and fudanshi alike!

Title     Views Group Last Updated
1 - The Bartender's Secret 571 Danke fürs Lesen [2023, 3, 4, 9, 7, 40] MD