Sukeban and Transfer Student manga
Author Fujichika
Artist Fujichika
Views 456
Last Updated Ch. 7 - 2024-01-18
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Sukeban and Transfer Student

Sukeban and Transfer Student manga

Sukeban to Tenkousei スケバンと転校生

The strongest sukeban × air-headed transfer student!A beautiful girls' comedy with too much happiness!

Riri Kanzaki, a transfer student, is looking forward to hanging out with Atsuko Nagumo, a sukeban, every time they play their silly word game.

As Atsuko sees Kanzaki's happiness, she begins to think that it's not so bad...

Official TwitterLicensed in Spanish by Arechi Manga.

Title     Views Group Last Updated
7 - It Looks Just Like Her 455 Danke fürs Lesen [2024, 0, 18, 1, 7, 27] MD