Yakyuujou de Itadakimasu manga
Author Ideuchi Tetsuo
Artist Ideuchi Tetsuo
Views 654
Last Updated Ch. 1 - 2023-07-21
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Yakyuujou de Itadakimasu

Yakyuujou de Itadakimasu manga

野球場でいただきます I Will Have It at the Baseball Field 야구장에서 잘 먹겠습니다 Yakyuu-ba de Itadakimasu

Tsubame Sakamoto, 25 years old and single. She relieves the everyday stress by indulging in food and alcohol in front of baseball games. Trying out different dishes at different stadiums, with adults loudly cheering around her. It might be expensive, but nothing tastes better than beer after a win. Free from the pressure of society, she will enjoy the best baseball stadium food!

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1 - ZOZO Marine Stadium 653 Danke fürs Lesen [2023, 6, 21, 5, 16, 21] MD