How About R15? manga
Author Kishitani Todoroki
Artist Uratani Nagi
Views 3113
Last Updated Ch. 3 - 2023-02-04
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How About R15?

How About R15? manga

R15+ Ja Dame Desuka? R15+じゃダメですか?

What should I do to become an adult? Akane Amou, who grew up with her parents forbidding any kind of entertainment, is a little bad with "stimulating" stuff, to the point she can't even watch a kissing scene in a drama. Now that she’s a highschool student, she somehow wants to overcome it! Those are her intentions, but it’s not that easy. Meanwhile, she got acquainted with a movie otaku named Fuyumine. Will she be able to watch an R15 movie…?

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Title     Views Group Last Updated
3 - The Child of God - Amou Akine 1018 Danke fürs Lesen [2023, 1, 4, 3, 38, 36] MD
2 - The Whispers of an Imp 2094 Danke fürs Lesen [2023, 0, 15, 22, 28, 8] MD